How to Find an Italian Restaurant

A true Italian restaurant will feature local dishes using fresh ingredients. In addition to traditional dishes, some restaurants also feature foods from other regions. Generally, the best place to go to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine is at a reputable restaurant with a great ambiance.


An Italian restaurant is typically open between 12pm and 2:30pm. If you wish to dine at an Italian restaurant, make a reservation. You can usually expect to pay a small cover charge. The prices are often less than a few dolars.


Sometimes the drinks include small bottled juices, such as orange or grapefruit. Some restaurants also bring out a small dish of olive oil. Other times, the drink is just a mixed cocktail.


A typical Italian menu is divided into several sections, including dolci, secondi, and antipasti. Each section will be different, depending on the region. However, a few things are common to each region. Secondi piatti are protein based dishes and are typically available to everyone.


An Italian restaurant should be able to provide a dessert menu. Often, this will be located at the back of the menu. Most restaurants will not have a separate kids’ menu, but they will be more than happy to accommodate families with little ones. Another sign that a restaurant is an Italian restaurant is that they will serve pasta al pomodoro. With the right combination of ingredients, this dish is kid-friendly.


The Italian restaurant of your dreams will offer wine as an option. Traditionally, this is paired with your main course, but it is not a must. Drinks will vary from region to region. Often, the menu will have a limited number of wines on display.


Whether you’re trying out a new eatery or visiting an old favorite, you’ll need to know a few Italian restaurant phrases to truly enjoy the meal. Here are some of the most important ones:


In Italy, the first course is always the carb-based dish. That’s because the Italians love their pasta! While they might not have as many toppings as you might find in other countries, they do know how to prepare a good bowl of penne aglio e olio. And, it’s not unusual for restaurants to have a menu with more than one seating.

Italian Restaurants: The best Food

Choosing an Italian Restaurant

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