Pizza Delivery Throughout Pandemic Times

This year has been an unusual one for everyone. We used to only worry about leaving your home with our wallet, keys, and sunglasses and now we have to keep in mind to take our masks and a lot of antibacterial wipes and gel. Another thing that changed a lot was our consumption practices. We used to be able to eat out every single day and hung out with all of our buddies at the same time now with most restaurants being close and restricting our social activities, food takeout and delivery services are the most practical choices for those who would rather not to cook.

Pizza is the ideal comfort food for lots of Americans. It is delicious, not too messy, satisfying, great for warm or cold weather, you can find it in numerous presentations such as Chicago style, or thin crust and there are a lot of various topping alternatives for you to choose from. It is easy to deliver, it tastes good the next day and you don’t require silverware. Pizza is just a perfect meal, so its no surprise that pizza delivery services are working harder than ever to provide freshly made pizzas to everyone throughout quarantine however numerous questions remain about the danger of getting infected when purchasing food delivery.

Lots of people wonder if it’s safer to order takeout or delivery so here are some responses from food-safety and public health professionals. Both alternatives, takeout, and delivery are certainly lower in danger than eating in restaurants in a restaurant. However, the safer alternative is contactless delivery. This means the delivery driver will leave the food that you previously paid remotely at your door, that way consumers and workers never need to touch. While getting takeout is not as dangerous as eating out in a dining establishment, you expose yourself to being close to other consumers while awaiting your food. If you choose to order pickup, we strongly advise you to ask the hostess to put the food down and walk away before you pick it up. If there is a line, keep in mind to keep your distance and naturally, wear your mask the whole time. If possible, wear gloves too and pay online or over the phone while {placing your order.

Ok, so you managed to place your order online and paid without making contact with anybody. Now you might be questioning how risky is the product packaging? Well, we have terrific news for you, product packaging has a low danger of contamination! While it is possible for the virus to get to people through packaging, it is not the main way the virus spreads. If the personnel in the dining establishment and the delivery driver wore their masks and hopefully gloves the whole time the risk of transmission is quite low. Nevertheless, if you are hesitant about it, you can clean down the package, clean your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds utilizing soap and then transfer the food to a plate.

So bottom line, the risk of getting infected lies in interactin with other people, not with food. So proceed and place your pizza delivery order or anything you like. Just keep in mind to wash your hands.

Pizza delivery and COVID 19 protocols

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