JONS International Marketplace in Van Nuys

JONS International Marketplace in Van Nuys is an American grocery store that offers a variety of foods from all over the world. They also carry some of the best prices around. Their staff is friendly and they always have sales and specials, so you’ll never miss out on a good deal.

Located in Van Nuys, California, JONS International Marketplace is a family-owned store that sells groceries and other items. They also have a bakery, liquor department and a deli with imported meats and cheeses.

Jons has been around for more than 20 years and specializes in international food. Their produce is fresh and they have a wide variety of things to choose from. They even have a hot food section with prepared Chinese dishes.

There are fourteen JONS locations across Southern California, serving Los Angeles, Glendale, West Hollywood, Winnetka, North Hollywood, Simi Valley, Westminster and Reseda. The company is owned and operated by John Berberian, who has been a Certified board member since 1977.

In addition to being a member of the Certified Board of Directors, John Berberian has served on the boards of several organizations, including Memorial Health Foundation and Campbell Hall High School. His business acumen and dedication to delivering the highest quality products to his customers has been an asset to the company.

As a result of this, Jons has managed to remain a small and family-run supermarket chain that is highly respected within its local community. This is a significant achievement for any company, but it’s especially impressive when compared to the influx of big-box stores into Los Angeles.

The owner of this store is a small family-owned company that has been in operation since 1977. The owner is a former Vons employee who started this grocery store after his family purchased the building at 3rd Street and Kenmore Avenue in Van Nuys.

They have been in the business for a while, and they have built a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more. The prices are pretty reasonable, and the store is very clean and organized. They also have a very helpful and friendly checker.

Another good thing about this store is that they have a large selection of clothing and accessories. They also have a lot of sales and clearances, so you can get great deals on a variety of clothing styles.

There are many different clothing options here, and you can get a variety of clothes for your entire family at this store. You can find women’s and men’s clothing as well as children’s clothing. The store also has a lot of shoes and accessories.

Besides groceries, JONS has a large selection of household items and cleaning supplies, so it’s a great one-stop shop for all your needs. You can even get a hair cut or manicure at the salon in the back of the store.

JONS is located near Walgreens, Starbucks and Bank of America, which are all within walking distance. Additionally, the property is close to the Van Nuys airport and has access to the Metro Orange Line and LNR Warner Center. This makes it an excellent choice for residents who want to be near the city and its amenities, while still maintaining a quiet and peaceful lifestyle.

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