The Balboa Sports Center

The Balboa Sports Center in Encino, CA is a sprawling 80-acre park and sports complex teeming with amenities, activities, and activities. Besides the usual suspects like baseball and football, there is a bevy of athletic facilities devoted to basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Plus, the city is on the Orange Line so getting to and from the area is a breeze.


While the complex’s marquee feature is its snazzy new gym, there are other, if less flashy, features worth noting. For instance, the park’s largest amphitheater has been converted into a lighted golf course and there are several small play areas to keep kids entertained on warm days. A large lighted basketball diamond and a skateboard park are also available to locals and visitors alike.


One of the most interesting and enlightening aspects of the facility is the plethora of programs and activities on offer. The most popular are adult league programs, but there are a number of youth league programs in addition to an after-school program. Another high point is the new science center which includes a state-of-the-art laboratory and other facilities to support science and math curriculum at local schools. 


Lastly, the sports center is home to the aforementioned lighted tennis courts, as well as an impressive smorgasbord of baseball fields and a few other outdoor activities. There are also two golf courses, a large lake, and a wildlife refuge to boot. And, if you’re in the mood for a more serious exercise, the city is also home to the burgeoning Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area which features a golf course, lake, picnic area, and two wildlife sanctuaries. It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular recreation areas in the area.


The best part of the new state of the art sports complex is the countless benefits it brings to the community. Not to mention the numerous free programs, activities, and events it offers each and every year. From summer concerts, to special programs and events, to its snazzy new gym, the new Balboa Sports Complex has plenty to offer. 

Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area

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