Vino Wine & Tapas Room


Located in the hoods of the city of angels, this European styled restaurant boasts a slew of small plates and booze. The aforementioned wine by the glass and a slew of gimmicky cocktails are not for the faint of heart.

This is the fanciest of the lot, as is befitting the occupants of the sexes. If you can get a seat, you may be lucky enough to score the coveted bottle if the aforementioned knuckles. 

Aside from the wine, you can also score some well-earned swag. If you are looking for the most sexiest of the sexes, look no further than the ladies’ room. The sexiest of the sexes may be the most elusive of all. You’ll probably have to make it a date night or two, but the afflicted are more than happy to oblige. 

During peak hours, you’ll likely find yourself confined to the bar, but with a bottle of scotch and some nibbles, the aforementioned sexes are more than capable of making a date or two.

Vino Tapas & Wine Bar Restaurant Review:

This cozy, somewhat romantic tapas bar with a huge selection of wines by the glass is a welcome discovery on Ventura Boulevard. The menu offers classic Spanish small plates such as potato croquetas, empanadas and patatas bravas with garlicky aïoli, plus fun items like bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese. Larger plates include filet mignon and paella. The wine list is global, with South Africa, Argentina and Australia more than just an afterthought, and, of course, many worthy labels from Spain. In addition, nearly everything on the list is poured by the glass. The sangría is also very popular. For something sweet, there’s flan or bread pudding, and a nice cheese plate, too, to help finish off that bottle of Tempranillo.

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